Selfless helper or Self-help? The logic behind the Journal.

This ‘Journal’ is a bit of an experiment. For anyone curious as to what it’s like starting your own business, I hope this will give you a bit of an insight. Of course, every entrepreneur’s start-up experience is different, some companies are overnight successes, some fall flat on their faces, most lie somewhere in between these two extremes. Like this one, which at present is on it’s feet, but looking somewhat shaky and disorientated.

The premise here is to be completely honest. I won’t subscribe to the ‘Fake it till you Make it’ philosophy at all (on this blog at least). I’ll tell it like it is, and over the next 12 months we’ll see either a journey of success or my gradual descent into submission. Or my pride will take such a hit that I’ll delete this blog and deny all knowledge.

So what’s in it for me? Well I hope a number of positive things come out of turning into a frequent blogger – 

  1. Cuckoo Vine gets a bit of a following. Readers see what I’m trying to do and agree that it’s all very worthwhile
  2. Any budding entrepreneurs out there can take heart that they’re not the only ones with a few hurdles to jump, and maybe also offer me some golden advice
  3. I’ll feel my load has been lightened by ‘talking it out’ and my ever patient girlfriend won’t have to hear quite so much about it. No promises
So that’s the rationale. Next entry will be a trip back in time so all my readers (Mum, Dad, Drew and Sid) can see how the seed of the Vine was sown.