Thumbs-Up Mondays

I like!

Think back over your weekend. Wasn’t it lovely? But what was it that made it so great (apart from overindulgence and general tomfoolery)? It was the people, and not just your friends and family.

It often seems like the people of the world can be divided quite cleanly into two categories – those who make life harder, and those who make life easier. Thumbs up Mondays are all about celebrating the latter – giving a pat on the back to all the businesses and ‘can-do’ employees who left you with a smile on your face over the weekend. Think of all the great people out there who never get a tip for their service, the shop owners, the emergency plumbers, the hairdressers. Thumbs up Monday is your chance to say ‘Thanks’ to these businesses; the ones with the chatty, high of spirit and downright helpful employees who made your weekend that little bit more pleasant.

Cuckoo Vine’s aim is to support businesses with integrity and the right approach to trading. People only know where the good businesses are if you tell them. So do everyone a favour, take 2 minutes of your Monday and say ‘Thank You’ to 2 people in a way that will really help them. After all, it’s only polite! (No whinging, leave that till Tuesday).

Go, find the business and leave a nice little testimonial and a 100% rating. We know there are a lot of businesses who aren’t on the site and that might be a bit frustrating, but if there’s a business you really want to review and it’s not there, just email the review to me – and I’ll make sure they get it.

Many Thanks,