Be Part of the ‘Values Movement’ – and for Christmas we’ll give you a free £48 Gold membership!

Be proud, join the Values Movement on Cuckoo Vine!

The one thing that differentiates good, small businesses from many big corporations is that we’re not just about money. We care, we’re grass roots and we make decisions based on our beliefs, not just the bottom line figure.   But where’s the cohesion between these businesses with values? Where’s the collective for businesses with integrity and a considered approach? Well from now on it’s here, at  Cuckoo Vine. Be part of a new wave of business who will shape the future of business in the UK…

This December, Cuckoo Vine is bucking the trend when it comes to the traditional give-away model. Yes, we’ll give you a free Gold Membership worth £48, but we’re asking for something in return. Your values. Simple as that, you stand proud and tell us your values, we’ll give you a free membership.

This is your chance to be part of the ‘Values Movement’. In our attempt to begin a new era of accountability to business in the UK, Cuckoo Vine is celebrating Businesses with Values. As a member, you’ll get the Cuckoo Vine icon on your website (like Eco Outsource) which shows you stand for something more than just making money.Businesses with Values button

You’ll be pleased to hear that we’re not asking you to part with anything , we just want you to write down what you believe in. Have a little think about what values your business really represents, and make them part of your business listing on Cuckoo Vine. Exactly like Eve Worrall Gardening did leading to a free Gold membership. I’ll then take a look and if it all sounds good and honest, like Eve you’ll get a free Gold membership on Cuckoo Vine worth £48. I don’t need to police them, your customer reviews will do that, confirming to the world that you really deliver with integrity.

Here’s how it works –

  • Add your business using the blue box on the homepage, opt for the FREE listing

  • Activate your listing via your activation email
  • Login, click on ‘manage listing’ and add a logo and description
  • Here’s where the values come in – in the ‘description’ section, put a little sub-heading called ‘VALUES’. Then spill your heart out. Tell us what you really care about, why you care and how you’re acting on it. Here’s an example.
  • There’s no fixed format for this, just tell us what you’re all about. For some inspiration think – Honesy, Integrity, Environment, Social Sustainability, Charity, Recycling, Client Care, Customer Relations. Any one or all of them, whatever you represent as long as it’s more worthy than just chasing profit.
  • I’ll review all signups every day during December, anyone who’s put a good set of values in their description will get an upgrade to Gold membership for Free

So now you know how to do it. This is your chance to be part of something special. A revolution if you will, of businesses who are willing to stick their heads above the parapet and say, ‘We’re proud of our values’. In years to come we want the people of the UK to make their buying decisions based on the values of businesses, we want that ripple to start here.

For some inspiration, check out articles on Eve Worrall and Oh! You Pretty Things and the values they represent. More articles on our Cuckoo Vine businesses with values coming soon!

Any questions, drop me an email,