5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Business

Heave your slightly wobbly, mince-pie bottom out of your seat and raise your glass of mineral water for a toast to 2012 – cheers! Once again we’re in a state of reflection; looking back over 2011 with a degree of guilt and looking to 2012 with new resolve. We’re joining gyms, calling our family more and beginning yet another Booze-Ban-Jan.  These measures are for the greater good and no doubt leads to a certain degree of self-improvement. Well done to all.


We can't predict, but we can stack the odds in our favour

There’s no doubt that nobody can predict how 2012 will pan out, but if we start as we mean to go on surely we’ll stand a better chance of success…right? So should business owners be giving the same attention and fresh starts to their businesses? Here at Cuckoo Vine we think so. I sat down and analysed the 5 most common New Year’s Resolutions to see whether they could be adapted to improve the health, wealth and values of our businesses.

  1. Spend more time with family and friends – how can this be adapted for businesses? Well it’s about nurturing relationships. Whether these are with staff, clients or affiliate businesses, relationships are the lifeblood of any business. Show these people you care, that you’ll look after them and that you have good values and they’ll stand by you when times get tough. Cuckoo Vine’s a great way to get your values out there for the world to see, see how Responsible Safaris are doing it here.
  2. Stop smoking, drinking, eating rubbish – Can this be related to business? Well yes, these are all the things detrimental to health. In a business context this might be to cut down on time spent looking at   babes on facebook or those elusive bargains on ebay. Be realistic, you’ll never give up ebay completely, so estimate your usage and cut it in half.
  3. Get organised – At home this can just mean putting your floor-drobe back in your wardrobe. With your business it’s more of a chore. A wise man once said you’ve got to spend time working ON your business as well as IN your business. So try that on for size – spend one afternoon a week getting furious on the filing.
  4. Get out of debt – note to self. Get out of debt.
  5. Help others – This one might even be easier in a business context. Any time you devote to charity work, social enterprise or gestures of goodwill give you real pride in your work and reflect really well on your business. This is exactly the kind of approach which earns you recognition through platforms such as Cuckoo Vine too, showing you have values over and above pure profiteering.

So, there are a few ideas to help your business turn over a new leaf in 2012. Realistically we’ve got no idea what 2012 will bring, but we might as well start right!