Boutique and Unique – new collection on Two Red Trees

This month sees the launch of an forward thinking new business in the world of unique and boutique products. Two Red Trees gives consumers access to only the finest handcrafted items from talented artisans around the country.

Founder Anna Ward has a clear objective in mind:

“We’re here to provide direct access to work from some of the most talented creatives in the UK. We’re aiming to promote a select group of makers that really have something unusual and attention grabbing on offer.”

The newly launched site, showcasing work from all around the UK, has a strong Cornish influence. Anna lives in Falmouth, the Cornish hot-spot of emerging artistic talent.. Cornwall has a wealth of incredible jewellers, painters and creatives and the Two Red Trees team has been working hard to find their favourites. The work on offer is instantly noticeable as high-end, boasting artists shown in national galleries and jewellers featured in Vogue magazine.

“We’re aiming more towards standout pieces than a particular price range. As a result of this the site has products ranging from affordable, artistic homewares to completely exquisite jewellery. The only common factor is stunning style and individuality.”

Unique gifts from Two Red Trees

Visitors to will feel a distinctive brand and style throughout. The range varies from bohemian collectibles to high-end investment pieces, and the fast-growing company aims to become known for its inspiring and alternative collection.

Anna is focused on ensuring that the standard of work on the site is consistently high. She explains why featured Two Red Trees creatives are the select few:

“We approach a very limited number of our favourite artists and makers as well as receiving a high number of applications. So far we’ve accepted only about 20% of these and we’re in the process of adding some really exciting new work to the site.”

High quality prints of unique art

With a stunning range of products, Two Red Trees should prove a hit for anyone looking for a special gift for a loved one or a talking point for their home:

“It’s an exciting time for us and we’re working hard to build on our original goal – to help people access unique and individual products from truly talented artistic people.”

To see the current collection, go to