Dodo Vine

There have been some fairly significant changes at Cuckoo Vine lately – most notably that ‘Cuckoo Vine Ltd.’ has closed down. It’s been a roller coaster 18 months, with more thrills and spills than I care to mention. There’ll be more on the decision to close soon in the ‘Journal of an entrepreneur’ but until then, welcome to the new face of Cuckoo Vine – the ‘All things bright in business’ blog.

This space is now home to articles covering everything from stand-out companies to business philosophy. I’ve been devouring reams of thought-provoking books and articles and soaking up some fantastic ideas and approaches. I hope that will be reflected here on the blog.

I’ve also recently started working as Digital Marketing Specialist for Oxford Innovation. They offer fully funded ‘high growth coaching‘ businesses here in the UK. One of the perks of this is that I’m surrounded by some seriously savvy business coaches whose brains I can pick on any of my outlandish business ideas.

So keep track of the blog. The business is dead and almost buried, but I’ve got a healthy stock of ideas which I’m chipping away at, many of which I’ll document here. It would be great if you checked in every now and again to watch me cock it all up.