About Cuckoo Vine


Where it all started (before it closed down)…

Cuckoo Vine’s aim is to become the online collective for businesses with values. To bring about a new era of accountability throughout UK marketplaces. (No mean feat). It’s designed to bridge the gap between review sites and directories – consider the reform which ‘Trip Advisor’ brought within the travel industry, and apply it to all industries.

The concept was born after I had installed some loft windows, and had a roofer round to finish the slate-work. He did a good job, but only after he’d left did I discover all the waste slate and insulation thrown into the back of the room. I gave him a call and was told ‘tough luck’. This episode served to highlight the absence of consumer protection throughout the trades – mechanics, builders, gardeners etc, and the inefficiency in an economy where consumers often have to spend money twice to solve a problem!

It was obvious that there are some businesses out there with a great ethic and genuine integrity, and others with none.  I decided to devise a business model which would provide a platform to help the good businesses grow ahead of the bad ones.